Expert Advice

Expert advice from Amdega's In-house Planning Department


Planning Permission & Listed Building Consent

Amdega's expert surveyors will be able to advise if your chosen project will require an application for planning consent. If an application is required, Amdega's turnaround for submission of the application is within ten working days of confirmation of survey.  Local authorities have eight weeks from receipt of the application to reach a decision, and Amdega are members of the governments on-line Planning Portal, which ensures this is met.

The rules governing Planning Permission are complex and differ from region to region.  Our in-house expertise has enabled us to establish good working relationships with planning officers, ensuring potential problems are addressed and approval is achieved.

If a council has an issue with a submission, we will arrange site meetings between our client, designer and a council representative, which allows all parties the opporunitu to discuss what is required, what is technically possible and what is acceptable to the authority. Should the site meeting fail, Amdega offers a specialised appeal process which targets a decision within eight weeks.


Building Regulations

Amdega reviews every enquiry at the outset, and again with our surveyors, to ascertain if Building Regulations are required.  Should an application be required, our expert in-house team will gather all of the required information and submit it for approval, either to our approved inspector or your local authority. This will happen either concurrently to the Planning Application, or once the Planning Application has been approved.  Once the conservatory is installed and the building works are complete, the building control inspector is requested to revisit the site for a completion visit. This allows formal Building Regulation approval which is fully administered on your behalf by the Amdega team.


Water Board Authority Approval

If a project is to be built within 3m of a public sewer, Amdega will seek the consent of the relevant water board authority on your behalf. Such projects will also require building control approval, and an inspection of the area of the construction that is within 3m proximity of the sewer.


Covenant or Management Estate Approval

Some properties have restrictive covenants attached to them. These are private agreements between land owners that restrict the way in which land may be used and developed. Other properties may require an agreement from their property management services before the installation of a conservatory. Amdega will help determine if any such approval is required for your property, and if so will make the necessary applications to gain consent for the proposed conservatory.


Party Wall Act 1996

Amdega's expert surveyors will help ascertain if your chosen project is subject to the Party Wall Act, and if so we will work with you to obtain approval.